Divine Soul Alchemy

Intuitive Card Readings by Maya Leigh

Hello friends! Thank you for visiting Divine Soul Alchemy! <3

A little info about me...

My name is Maya and I am a compassionate and capable Intuitive Card Reader with a high intention toward truth and authenticity.. I am very passionate about card reading and have found the magic of the cards to be an ever evolving source of joy for me in my personal life. This site is a way for me to share the magic and fun of card reading with others!.

When you schedule your private session with me, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading through a variety of modalities to help you gain clarity and direction in your spiritual journey.

Remember, this is your divine path and all that you need lies within you! The power to transform our lives in any manner we choose, already lies within each of us. My goal is to encourage and inspire you towards your highest good <3

Love and Blessings until we meet!